Your Guide to Summer Steaks

Enjoy August in Eugene with cool mornings and walks at first light.
Road trips down to the coast, a Cuthbert concert at night
Saturday market’s fresh produce, river sports, and cold brew

Then at the end of the day, firing up the barbecue
It’s August in Eugene, and the warm sun is a treat
at Long’s Meat Market, enjoy our high quality meat

Its still “high season” for grilling, and here’s a list of the best steak ideas for barbecue.

Filet Mignon – a rare treat, and worth the extra price for that special occasion. Very lean, so consider wrapping with bacon for that extra flavor.

Strip Steak – a popular choice. Tender and well marbled with a rich flavor. Try a center cut New York strip.

Porterhouse and T-Bone – This cut is from the rear loin and and is a combination of a New York steak and filet mignon connected by that T-shaped bone. The T-bone steak is a smaller version of the porterhouse, cut from the front of the short loin. Nice combo for a summer grill.


Rib Steak aka Rib Eye – thick, tender, juicy, and well marbled. The rib eye steak is a popular choice for a healthy sized meal. Tip – start searing over high direct heat for the char, then finish over medium or indirect heat to keep that reddish-pink inside

Flat Iron – well marbled and a second only in tenderness to filet mignon. Makes for great grilling with or without marinade.

Flank Steak – a leaner cut recommended by some diets such as the Sonoma Diet. Not as tender but can be those tougher meat fibers can be shortened by slicing it paper thin on a diagonal across the grain before serving. Try a coffee rub marinade rubbed into diagonal cuts before grilling for a different taste experience.

Skirt Steak – used for fajitas, but also good for grilling. Has a rich beefy flavor and a satisfying chew. Good with marinades.

Hanger Steak – According to tradition, butcher’s kept the hanger steak cuts for their own use. We broke tradition a long time ago. They go fast so show up early in the day for better results. The hanger steak “hangs” near the kidney, and is a bit thicker, tougher, and more fibrous than a skirt steak. But it still has great taste, needs high heat to cook quickly, and is best sliced across the grain.