Our suppliers of pork provide lean and savory meats. In the Pacific Northwest we are fortunate to have farmers who practice sustainable farming methods in raising their hogs. At Long's we carry a selection of chops, ribs, roasts, and cured products.

Fresh and naturally lean pork

Locally raised hogs are leaner and meet the health-conscious desires we seek in both quality and flavor with less fat. At Long’s Meat Market, our professional meat cutters produce the best cuts in town. Our pork products come from the two top Pacific Northwest suppliers: Carlton Farms & Tails and Trotters

Carlton Farms
Another legacy business in the Long’s tradition. For more than 50 years, Carlton Farms has produced fine and fresh natural meats for select meat markets, chef’s of the finest restaurants and gourmet markets throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Their hand-picked local and national growers raise genetically superior animals that meet our exacting standards for natural excellence. They meet all USDA requirements and achieve excellence the old-fashioned way – with time-honored techniques. Carlton Farm growers never use artificial flavors or chemicals while processing, curing, or aging their meats.

Whole Hogs and Luaus – In recent years we have experienced an increase in pig roasting. These large gathering events are often celebratory and make for a unique experience. Please plan ahead, we generally need a week fill an order for a natural Oregon pig from Carlton Farms.

Tails & Trotters
Well known for their high quality pork and the inclusion of hazelnuts in their feed plan Tails & Trotters is a great source of premium pork products. The pigs are a heritage breed cross of Duroc, Berkshire, Landrace and Yorkshire. They are fed a diverse diet that is specifically formulated to their growth needs. Many of the grains include wheat, barley, rye, peas and flax. The feed supplier for Tails & Trotters has 3rd party verification that its feeds are GMO free, and without any added corn or soybeans. The pigs are never administered antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants, or animal byproducts in any form. Subscribing to best practices being used by sustainable growers, pigs that become sick and require medication are removed from the Tails & Trotters program.