The best lamb in the country is raised right here in the lush Willamette Valley. We take great pride in offering delicious free-range, grass fed lamb from a legacy farm based in the mild climate of fields and foothills near Brownsville, Oregon.

Anderson Ranches

Anderson Ranches has been raising lamb for five generations, with the current millennials returning to the farm to follow in the family tradition. Anderson Ranches is known world-wide for their premium, high-quality lamb. Located near the historic town of Brownsville, Oregon, Reed Anderson and family raise free-range, grass fed lamb without antibiotics or hormones. The fields of the Willamette Valley and nearby foothills provide the ideal diet for well-flavored lamb.

“We pride ourselves on raising the best quality lamb in the world and Long’s has helped us reach that goal. Long’s has been exclusively using our lamb since 1997.”
– Reed and Robyn Anderson, Anderson Ranches

Long’s Meat Market sells fresh lamb cuts throughout the year. In the meat case you will find roasts, chops, stew meat, ground patties, racks, ribs, and more.┬áSpecial orders are always available, ask our professional meat cutters for advice and recommendations.

For holiday orders, please call 2-3 weeks in advance.