Make new discoveries or revisit family recipes and rekindle hunting camp memories with a purchase from our specialty meats selection. Venison, buffalo, elk and rabbit are popular and well known favorites. They are heart-healthy lean choices of protein. Most of our specialty meats are raised in Oregon.

Explore the many options of specialty meat cooking

Specialty meats such as venison, elk, wild boar, emu, rabbit, pheasant, ostrich and goat are gaining favor with consumers. Our fresh meat case does not carry all of these meats on a regular basis, however our freezer is stocked with many of these products, and our meat cutters are here to help you find, or order the specialty meat of your choice.  Here are examples of specialty meats that may pique your interest.

Muscovy Duck
With pride and experience with a quality product, Longs’ features Muscovy Duck from Grimaud Farms. Barn-raised without the use of steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones, Grimaud Farms ducks mature naturally. A balanced diet ensures the best flavor for this tender, meaty fowl.┬áMuscovy ducks have less fat and less calories per pound than turkey. We carry whole duck, duck legs, breasts, rendered duck fat, drumettes, and the Duck Confit sold in the market is made here, on-site. Duck is one of the most versatile meats and pairs very well with a range of ingredients, seasonings and wines.

A popular game bird that evokes memories of family hunting trips in the Oregon High Desert Country. The delicate flavor of farm-raised pheasant is distinctive from wild game birds. The breast sports a pinkish white meat, and the recommendation is to cook it quickly at a high temperature. The leg meat tends to be darker and firmer. Served together it presents a nice combination of flavor and texture.

The term “venison” is generally used to describe the meat of deer or antelope native to the United States. And in some regions of the country includes native moose and elk. At Long’s we carry deer venison in medallions and ground, year ’round. You will find it in the freezer case. For specialty cuts ask our meat cutters for availability, or to place your order.

Wild Boar
A flavorful alternative to domestic pork, wild boar is a popular choice among the specialty meat products. The flavor and texture of boar makes it adaptable to many household and heritage recipes.

Due to the limited availability or seasonality of many specialty meats, please check with our meat cutters in advance of your purchase. Fill out the Customer Contact/Special Order Form on the Contact page to get your specialty meat order started.