The Turkeys are Coming

…but so are The Ducks !

We honor the Thanksgiving
tradition, but remind ourselves that we always give thanks for so many blessings
that we have throughout the year.

As we enter the holiday season we wish
everyone a safe and festive seasonal experience, while also acknowledging that
there are many in need and who have challenges at this time.

This month we are
discussing turkeys of course – free range, and healthier choices, how to order,
etc. We also start our featured news with an alternative meat for
Thanksgiving, one in which the owner of Long’s Meat Market, Mike Wooley, served
his family for years on Thanksgiving day.

Why Duck a La Orange on
Thanksgiving Day ?

Duck with a recipe of a la orange was our favorite choice of meats for
Thanksgiving”, says Mike Wooley. “The meat is richer, does not dry
out as easily from cooking, and is delicious when served with the a la orange
recipe. We have fresh local duck in our store now during the holidays, and
suggest that you consider trying it out”.
Try Emeril’s Classic Duck a la Orange Recipe 
Turkeys and How to Order
Again, we are ordering hundreds of
Shelton turkeys for Thanksgiving and want you to know the best way to get your
order in to us.
Shelton Turkeys ?
Shelton Turkeys are raised in open range
pens for up to 26 weeks. The turkeys are NEVER fed or administered any
antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants at any time. Shelton turkeys have
been the standard of excellence since 1924 in Southern California and
throughout the West Coast.
Phone: phone
orders are fine, but we get busy during the holiday season, so call early for a
better chance of getting through. Hours are 8am-6pm, M-Sat. 541-344-3172
In Person: While shopping here during the month of November, you can
place an order at our meat counter.
Email: If
you are going to email us, use the convenient Turkey order form below, so that
we know what you want.  We will assume only one turkey is being ordered
unless you specify more than one below.

Knee Deep Cattle Company – Meet the Local Ranchers who Supply our Free Range, Grass Fed Beef – “Everybody is knee deep in something”

Thanksgiving : Best recipes for turkey and duck

Wishing you all a great month and safe holiday season, happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate your business and maybe will see you soon!
 From all of us at Long’s Meat Market.

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