The Butcher’s Blog – October

Welcome to the October issue of The Butcher’s Blog. October is indeed a cool month for meats, and we are in full gear at the meat counter Monday through Saturday 8am-6pm. We will start with a poem that we posted on Facebook.

Free range cattle avoid the cage

and grass fed beef is now the rage
 Some meats are better, like some people, when aged

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Remodeled Deli Has More Tables in a New TV Room !

Our deli is remodeled and we will soon have a new menu as there are so many choices here!
The picture below is our new TV “Go Ducks” room, with extra tables to sit and enjoy our wide
variety of sandwiches and drinks in our Deli. 

Coming Soon ! Southtowne Shops Concert with Sugar Beets band and Beer garden,
Oct 11th 

Southtowne Shops, located between Oak and East 29th Ave and East 28th Ave will be hosting a fundraiser
and have a beer garden and live music from The Sugar Beets

  Hometown Eugene Movie by Alexi Pappas Features Long’s Steaks and Hat

Alexi Pappas Enjoying a Tri-tip Burger at Long’s

Alexi Pappas is a member of the Oregon Track Team and in addition to being a runner she is a performer-writer-filmmaker.
“About Long’s Meat, I couldn’t speak higher of the product– as a runner, it’s incredibly important that we refuel properly. For me, there’s no better meat than Long’s! I can taste and feel the amazing difference in Long’s Meats. It is definitely my go-to pre-workout and post-workout meal of choice.”

Tracktown the Movie will feature Alexi Pappas both as actress and director. Learn more on the Facebook page:

Anderson Farms Listed in EatWild Directory
EatWild website, based on the best selling book Eat Wild, accepted a listing of Anderson Ranches Oregon Lamb,
a local grass fed and free range ranch in Brownsville that supplies our stock of lamb here at Long’s Meat Market. The directory is strict in its requirements of grass fed farms, and has a long list of criteria and standards that need to be met to get listed.

“Secret” Meat Recipes and Twitter

Our Twitter handle is @TweetsforMeats
Here’s a “secret” meat recipe that we found:

 Scott Hibb’s Amazing Whisky Grilled Baby Back Ribs

Save $$ with Meat Packages  Combinations

 Choose your own combo with three packages or order in bulk and save money. We are now offering special prices for meat packages, whole or half carcass, and natural luau hogs. Call ahead to place an order or ask questions. There is a one week lead time needed for whole hogs to assure sizing. All of our prices include cutting and wrapping. To order: (541) 344-3172 or email us at info at longsmeatmarket dot com.
Ask about custom package orders.

Visit out Meat Package Web Page > 

 Back in the Day – 1927

Eugene in 1927

 Long’s legacy begins in Eugene in the year 1927, when Ernest “Butch” Long opened shop on Charnelton Street . His son Melvin worked alongside of his father while receiving a bachelor’s degree in business from the U of O. While many businesses found that the Depression took a fatal toll on them, the new business continued to grow. Melvin took leave from the family business from 1942 to 1946 to serve in the Army Air Corp.
At that time, Long’s Meats became part of the Stanley Market, today known as L&L Marketplace. Melvin took on two partners in the business, Marley Sims and Les Hettick, along with three meat cutters as the business grew. Upon Melvin’s retirement in 1968, Sims and Hettick prepared employee Dick Wooley, who began his career for Long’s in 1959, to eventually operate the business after their retirement. His son and current owner, Mike, worked alongside him, much like the beginning of the business back in ’27 with Butch and Melvin. Dick purchased Long’s in 1976 when Sims and Hettick retired. Dick’s retirement in ’96 gave him 37 years of service in the L&L location. Mike Wooley took over the helm as owner/manager, and the rest is history.

We would like to thank the many hundreds of customers who have continued to purchase meats from us throughout the years and for our vendors who have maintained the highest quality standards in their meat products.

 From all of us at Long’s Meat Market,
enjoy a happy and healthy October and Fall season.

 Long’s Meat Market
81 E. 28th St
South Eugene