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A Meat Poem for Father’s Day

The Memorial Day weekend has just passed
and Summer will be here soon at last
Our grills are fired up with briquettes and mesquite
On Father’s Day, we plan to grill steaks and eat
As a tradition that pales to Mother’s Day
It is what it is, what more can we say?
A gathering here and there if that’s what is planned
Either way, those steaks will not be bland!
Grass fed and free range makes us rejoice
And Long’s Meat Market is our only choice
So goes a meat poem for Father’s Day here
In Eugene Oregon – and don’t forget the beer.  

by David Brown

Parking Lot Barbecue
is Here Again

year at this time we have a tradition of firing up a barbecue in our
parking lot on Saturdays between 11am and 3pm. Hot dogs and burgers are
common as well as tri-tip sandwiches, bratwurst and chicken.

Red Meat and Me
Thoughts on beef by a professional runner
by Alexi Pappas

For a professional athlete, fuel and recovery is just as important as training. I run over 100 miles each week, training intensely to be one of the best 10,000 meter runners in the world. I’m focused on training to the fullest of my ability and I’m committed to putting myself into this dream 100 percent. Each week, I’m also just as committed to properly fueling so that I can not only survive this intense training but actually become stronger. What I put in my body is extremely important to me and integral to my goals.

I eat red meat at least two to three times per week, and I always eat red meat two nights before a big race—iron and protein are the building blocks for an endurance athlete’s body. At this level of training, I can actually feel the food that I eat interacting with my body. When I go to sleep after eating a good grass-fed steak from Long’s, I can truly feel my muscles recovering and growing stronger.I can also feel the difference between the quality of meats that I eat. The difference in vitamin and micro nutrient content of grass-fed beef versus grain-fed is significant—just like the difference between an 80 and an 100 mile week, or the difference between making an Olympic team or coming up just short. My body can really sense the difference between the local grass-fed beef I get at Long’s and other types of beef.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete for your body to enjoy the benefits of eating higher quality food. Even when I stop running professionally, I know I’ll still be coming to Long’s for my grass-fed beef! 

-Alexi Pappas 
– Oregon Track Club Elite
Official Runner of Long’s Meat Market
Eugene, Oregon
 Something New for the Barbeque?

Here’s one recipe for each of our four major meats:
Beef – Herb Marinated Flank Steak
Chicken – Grilled Deviled Chickens Under Brick
Pork – Porchetta Style Grilled Pork Loin
Lamb – Grilled Lamb Salsa Verde

The Best Deli in Eugene?You Decide.

Deli at Long’s Meat Market keeps adding new items. In case you haven’t
heard, here is some standard fare along with things you may not have
heard about yet.

Long’s Deli – Location – Very Close
Besides the fact that Long’s Meat Market deli is in the same store, conveniently next to our fresh meat counter, there have been many new additions to what is offered here, including local craft beers on tap, kombucha on tap, more domestic and imported wines and cheeses, specialty meats including Knee Deep Beef Jerky.

The first thing that you may notice is the ambiance, which is vintage, colorful, and diverse. Next you may notice a smiling person behind the counter, such as Dani or Dave, an expert in cheese and wine pairings as well as all other deli offerings.  A new room with TV has been added with additional seating. Sandwiches can be custom made to order. We also make  delicious Panini sandwiches with Boar’s Head meats.

There are three separate displays of cheeses, local and imported, and three separate shelves of white and red wines. Two glass door refrigerated displays hold various deli items such as bottled beers, salamis, condiments and lemons.

Attention Foodies and Everyone Else !
The Best Inexpensive Steak for the Grill? 

According to 
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Chief Creative Officer of Serious Eats and weekly columnist of The Food Lab, it could very well be the lean Tri-Tip Steak.

Wishing you all a fun and safe month of June and Father’s Day,
from all of us at Long’s Meat Market