See You in September

Welcome to the Butcher’s Blog! As Summer changes into Fall, we are right in the middle of Labor Day weekend, the symbolic end of summer, as we publish this on the first of every month. It’s a time for a nice three day weekend, including barbecues. We are honoring this national holiday and will be closed on Monday September 2nd. In this issue we are featuring one of local ranchers, Knee Deep Cattle Company, known for their grass fed beef. We also carry grain fed beef through R&R Ranch.

Mike Wooley Receives Red Carpet Treatment at Fogo de Chao in Vegas

As posted on Facebook last month with great response, we are repeating the story in this issue in case you missed it. Owner Mike Wooley is given red carpet service and a tour of the kitchen at one of the top steak restaurants in Las Vegas recently – Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse – the ideal restaurant for meat lovers. Servers stroll around the dining room with skewers of various types of meat to compliment an impressive salad bar.

Go Ducks ! Win a Tailgate Package ! As Heard on 95.3 Sports Radio

We are giving away a free tailgate package for Ducks home games. Contents change, but recently we gave away six barbecue sandwiches that we make fresh in our deli. All meats will be precooked ready to go for the game.
To enter come in to our store and fill out an entry form at our counter.
1 winner per drawing per home game. Good luck !

Knee Deep Cattle Company
On June 8th 2005, the Register Guard wrote about Knee Deep Cattle Company. Mike Stevenson, the owner and rancher, “is passionate about raising free-range, grass-fed, hormone-, and antibiotic-free beef cattle. Stevenson’s family presides over Knee Deep Cattle Company, a ranch that his grandfather and father bought in 1954. Its 1,240 acres rises out of the Willamette Valley floor into verdant, grassy pasture land butting up against the Coburg Hills.” They only manage their own cattle, from raising, processing, to delivery. Locations include Florence and Mapleton, Elkton, Toledo, Or with primarily Angus Beef cattle. The bulls are registered Black Angus bulls. All locations follow same free range and standards . They won the Livestock Producer of the Year 2013 from Lane County Livestock Association. The Knee Deep Cattle company beef that we receive here at Long’s are between 650-725 lb per carcass. We age it a bit in our cooler allowing for natural tenderizing.

Facebook Page Reaches 1000 Likes

In August our Facebook page reached 1000 likes and we celebrated with posting the Fogo de Chao story, and the response to the story was the highest ever. We enjoy sharing news and updates, and specials on the facebook page and interacting with our friends who have liked the page. If you haven’t seen our page yet, you are invited to visit, and if you like it, you will see occasional notices of Rotisserie Wednesday, when we have roasted 5 lb chickens between 4-6pm, or meat specials, contests, and some local news.

Anderson Farms Hosts Willamette Country Music Festival Again with 16,000 People
Anderson Farms, one of the largest free range lamb ranches in the U.S., continued the tradition of hosting the Country Music Festival on their scenic property in Brownsville. The ranch provides us with fresh lamb year round which is a popular meat on our counter, especially during the holidays.

Welcome Back Students and Professors – Go Ducks

We welcome back all University of Oregon students and look forward to seeing you in our store.

Did You Know ? Our Wine and Cheese Shop Serves Up Beer and Sandwiches

Our deli has taken on a life of it’s own over this past year. In addition to a large selection of wines and cheeses, we now offer beer on tap. The brands and type changes, but don’t be surprised to see Ninkasi here on a regular basis at only $3.50 pint, with Growlers also available. Freshly made Panini sandwiches ARE made to order – Try any of five specials – the Sicilian, Toscano, French, Muffaletta, or the Genoa, all made with Boar’s Head meats and high quality cheeses. We also can make any other type of sandwich with our deli meats and cheeses. We have seating tables so you can easily have a lunch here.


Meat Packages Continue to be a Popular Item

Even before we announced our Meat packages on Facebook, they were becoming a popular item from our web site. The packages have built in flexibility so you choose three price options and different meats within each one. The grid of meat choices shown below is the same grid on our web site page.

We have a Twitter account although it has not been as active as our Facebook page. This month we are planning to tweet information about our local events and exotic meats.

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Wishing you a great September,
Go Ducks!
from all of us here at Long’s Meat Market