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Memorial Day weekend:  Our famous parking
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” I Almost Forgot About Mother’s Day ! “

Wishing ALL Mothers  a Happy  Mother’s Day : Here’s a Recipe for Her
BarBQ Ribs and Sauce, with Jalapeno
(and she’s NOT cooking, right?)
Here’s a recipe from a mother of three, Brooke Hope Lambard Kyle, M.D., who
relocated to Eugene a few years ago, and has her own cookbook “The CookBrooke”
, full of delicious Southern recipes.
BBQ Ribs and Sauce
(serves 15 with six slabs of ribs)
6 slabs baby back pork ribs
2 c spice rub
5 c BBQ sauce
Make spice rub: 1 c sugar, ½ c salt, 2T ea. of paprika, crushed red pepper
flakes, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder and 1T ea. of cumin, celery
seed, mustard seed, and cayenne.
rub ribs on both sides with spice rub
Make BBQ sauce:  2
large bottles of KC Masterpiece sauce, 2 jars hot pepper jelly, ½ cup of spice
rub, place in saucepan and cook until boiling. Boil for 10 minutes then set
aside. Marinate ribs for 30 min before cooking. preheat grill and use hickory
chips to flavor the smoke. place on grill using indirect heat and cook the
slabs slowly for one hour for the first pound and 30 min for each additional
pound, approx 2 hrs. Coat the ribs with sauce for the final 10 minutes of
cooking. Serve extra sauce with ribs. Ribs are done when you can pull them

Brooke’s Mother-in-Law won a blue ribbon in Miami for this cornbread recipe.
Try this with the ribs. Leslie’s  Jalapeno
Cornbread : 2 boxes Jiffy cornbread mix (or other mix to make 3 c mix), 1 ½
cubed or shredded cheddar, 3 c corn (frozen or canned/drained), 2 c milk, 3
eggs, 1 lrg onion chopped, 1/3-1/2 c chopped Jalapenos (seeds removed), ½ c
vegetable oil, 2 T sugar. Mix in large bowl, place in greased 9×13 dish, bake
@400 degrees for 45 min, let stand before cutting. 

Our Best Grass-Fed Steaks and Cuts
 Of course there are personal
preferences, so we like to think of our free range, hormone-free fresh cuts as the “best of the best” that
will fit most any type of taste. There is an obvious difference in color and
taste between grass fed and grain fed beef. If you haven’t tasted the
difference, and want to grill steaks vs ribs on Mother’s Day (or any other
day), get ready for a distinctive culinary experience. If you order in advance,
we can fresh cut your order on the day of pickup. What’s her favorite? Ask us about Knee Deep Cattle Company steaks.

How Many Different Cuts of Beef?
Take a glance at the various cuts of beef that we have fresh or can custom cut
for you.
Chuck, Round, Rib, Brisket and Shank, Short Plate, Shank, Short Loin, Sirloin,
and “other”
This pdf is on the Virtual Weber Bullet website

Tweets for Meats
We tweeted some Pinterest Links to some very nice visuals of prepared meat.
With Green marinade –  Where’s the Love? –  Old Style BarBQ –
Steak and Veggies  — Is this steak shaped like South America? –
Still life with garlic and oil –

Day Weekend begins Saturday, May 26,
, and ends Monday, May 28,
Our famous and delicious Parking Lot BARBQ starts again this weekend!

Run 4 the Memorial May 28, 2012 – A 4 mile run or walk finishing at Veteran’s Memorial in Skinner Butte Park.  Event Times: Monday, 8 a.m. – Event Admission: $20 – $30 – Location: University Park- Address: 23rd & Potter,
Eugene, OR 97403 – Phone: 541.484.9883

About Us
We carry a variety of beef products for every discerning taste, including Prime Beef – 2% of cattle reach this grade – and supply Eugene’s top restaurants with fresh local meat. If you haven’t been in our market you probably have experienced a meal containing our products in your favorite eating establishment.

Our personal service counter is staffed by five meat cutters, available for your questions and giving advice on proper cuts to be used for your dinner party as well as cooking advice.

Visit our store and compare our quality and reasonable pricing to anywhere else in Oregon, or nationwide. We are proud of our tradition as one of Oregon’s best meat markets. 

From all of us at Long’s Meat Market – Have a warmer and sunny May ,

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