Hello Summer – Goodbye Rain

Greetings from all of us at Long’s Meat Market. We wish you a great July, especially celebrating the 4th. With summer finally kicking in the main keywords that we may be thinking of are fun, picnics, road trips, grilling, concerts, cycling, water sports, walks jogs, Country Fair, summer events, and cold beer. We can help with three of these – picnics, grilling, and cold beer.We have plenty of Oregon free range steaks, pork, lamb, and chicken all ready for the grill during this hot month. Our motto is,”Long’s brings ranch and community to one meeting place’.“
– Mike Wooley, owner

Winetasia – We are a Proud Sponsor
Join us at the one of the big events this month – Winetasia on the 27th.  We are a sponsor along with other wine and food vendors. “Imagine yourself enjoying a spectacular summer evening at Silvan Ridge Winery, sampling delicious wine and food, listening to live music, while mingling with friends and colleagues all while supporting a good cause — Children’s Miracle Network at Sacred Heart Medical Center.” Here’s a video of this event in 2011…
Visit the PeaceHealth web page for more information >

Summer Barbecue – Long’s Parking Lot – Saturday’s 11am-3pm
We have a great selection of meats for both of those. Ask us for ideas. Planning to go to concerts, festivals, or other outdoor events? Try our dried meats and cheeses from our Deli with a bottle of chilled white wine. Speaking of BarBQ’s, our weekly Saturday parking lot Summer BarBQ is going on all summer and we will be cooking up hot dogs, hamburgers, half chickens and ribs from 11am – 3pm, all at reasonable prices! Need hiking or biking snacks? Try our Knee Deep Beef Jerky for the adventurous taste buds.

Long’s Deli Expands with more Beer, Sandwiches, Cheeses and Wine
We have added more cases to the deli counter to handle our increasing inventory. Tables and seating to enjoy a Panini or Boar’s Head sandwich. Ninkasi Beer on tap with pints for $3.50 and growlers at great prices. A large selection of local and imported cheeses.
Local bottled craft beers and Oregon wines. It keeps getting better as we try to better serve you, our customer. Thank you for your business !

Yelp Reviews are Just Too Cool
We continue to enjoy non-solicited five star reviews on our Yelp business page and want to thank you if you have placed one there.

Facebook Post Survey
Now that we are approaching 1000 friends on our Facebook page we want to ask you for feedback. What would you like to see posted there? Send your feedback to webmaster@LongsMeatMarket.com Thanks!

Roto Wednesday Chickens Getting More Popular

These are not your typical rotisserie chickens that you see at other local markets. They average five pounds and are heavy compared to an average of three pounds elsewhere. We only use Ranger chickens -this is one of our favorite sources for free range chicken. Draper’s poultry is five days fresher than many other brands, never exposed to antibiotics or hormones at any time, and fed a vegetarian diet of corn, soy, and vitamins. The chickens run free in a spacious, open air barn with plenty of natural sunlight , fresh air, clean water and feed.  Taste the difference! Free range, hormone free, and delicious. Ready to go on Wednesdays at 4-6pm, or call in for a special order and we will
roast one for you to pick up during business hours.

Food for Thought
Meat Based Diet Made Us Smarter

Our earliest ancestors ate their food raw — fruit, leaves, maybe some nuts. When they ventured down onto land, they added things like underground tubers, roots and berries. It wasn’t a very high-calorie diet, so to get the energy you needed, you had to eat a lot and have a big gut to digest it all. But having a big gut has its drawbacks. “You can’t have a large brain and big guts at the same time,” explains Leslie Aiello, an anthropologist and director of the Wenner-Gren Foundation in New York City, which funds research on evolution. Digestion, she says, was the energy-hog of our primate ancestor’s body. The brain was the poor stepsister who got the leftovers. Until, that is, we discovered meat. Full story >

Meet Our Cattle Rancher Partners – Double R Ranch and Knee Deep Cattle Company

The Double R Ranch Co. was born out of passion for the western lifestyle and a 
responsibility to the families that create their livelihood from agriculture. Double R Ranch Co. is part of a family-owned and managed cattle company that was established in 1968 and is recognized as a leader in providing exceptional quality beef. The name Double R Ranch is a tribute to the founder, Robert Rebholtz, Sr.,whose integrity and passion for the cattle industry lives on as a guiding principle of the company. The “Double R Ranch”, itself is located in the Okanagan region of Washington State. The ranch sits on over 50,000 pristine acres and is not only recognized for producing high quality cattle, but also for its commitment to animal well-being and environmental stewardship, the preservation of this picturesque land and native wildlife, and the recycling of resources to create a model for sustainable beef production that can be passed to future generations.

Knee Deep Cattle Company is located nearby in Brownsville.

Their cattle are raised to Humane Farm Animal Care Program standards, which include nutritious diet without antibiotics, or hormones, animals raised with shelter, resting areas, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors. We carry steaks, ground beef and even beef jerky from Knee Deep.

Tweets for Meats
Here’s a few of our recent tweets :
– Meat Packages for the Grill
– July 3rd Wednesday 4-6pm – Avoid Kitchen Heat – Rotisserie chickens ready to go
– On tap- Cold Ninkasi pints and growlers now at our deli

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wishing you a great summer, stay cool!
from all of us at Long’s Meat Market

Long’s Meat Market webmaster David Brown