Happy New Year 2013

Welcome to the new Butchers Blog!

Super Bowl XLVII is coming soon, and we are kicking off the
New Year with some specials listed below. Thank you for your business this past year. We look forward to a New Year and wish you a great one ! We have changed our design-header and width for The Butcher’s Blog, including pictures from our new web site. If you would like to subscribe to our email list, we send out a link to this blog on the 1st of every month. Occasionally we send out notices of special events or “Sweepsteaks” contest information. Subscribe with form > 

January 1st Register Guard
Ad Specials

from the ad:
The best brisket and
pulled pork sandwiches in Eugene –

Wednesdays  – Rotisserie chickens, free
range, 5 lb, pre-cooked
garlic lover’s seasoning, $13.99 – also available other days with pre- order. >

Boar’s Head deli meats and
cheeses, best prices in town + 10% off

Meat Packages
Choose your own combo with three packages or order in bulk and save money. We
are now offering special prices for  meat
packages, whole or half carcass, and natural luau hogs. Call ahead to place an
order or ask questions. There is a one week lead time needed for whole hogs to
assure sizing. All of our prices include cutting and wrapping. To order: (541)
344-3172 or email us at info@longsmeatmarket.com.                    

New Web Site Getting Lots of Traffic

In December 2012, we had 1623 visits to our web site. On our site we have
information about our meat products including exotic meats, a video, meat packages, our Wine and
Cheese Shop and Deli, and our legacy-history since 1927. If you have not seen our seen our new site, please visit  www.LongsMeatMarket.com 
FREE – Weekly Wine TastingDue to popular demand we are
continuing our free wine tastings
Fridays 4-6pm. We usually offer both
reds and whites, local and imported. We have a large selection in our deli of
excellent wines.

Facebook 2013 – www.Facebook.com/LongsMeatMarket 

In this New Year our Facebook page will continue to post information about ad
specials, Sweepsteaks contest giveaways, events, meat products, recipes, nice
photos, and more.

“Tweets forMeats” – Meat Recipes –

Follow us on Twitter to receive recipes and other news usually posted at
the end of every month. Recipe of the month: Chicken in White Wine Mushroom Sauce by Kitchout.com

About our Store –
established in 1927

We carry a variety of beef products for every discerning taste, including Prime
Beef – 2% of cattle reach this grade – and supply Eugene’s top restaurants with
fresh local meat. If you haven’t been in our market you probably have
experienced a meal containing our products in your favorite eating
establishment. Our personal service counter is staffed by five meat cutters,
available for your questions and giving advice on proper cuts to be used for
your dinner party as well as cooking advice. Visit our store and compare our
quality and reasonable pricing to anywhere else in Oregon, or nationwide. We
are proud of our tradition as one of Oregon’s best meat markets.

Wishing you a great New Year,
From all of us at Long’s Meat Market

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David Brown