Long's Meat Market prides itself on the freshness and quality of our poultry product line. We feature Ranger Chicken throughout the year, and local pasture raised chicken when it is available from May - October . We also carry turkey and duck. Are you interested in game and other poultry options? We have access to ostrich, Guinea Foul, quail and Poussin. Our experienced meat cutters can answer questions and take your special order.

Ranger Free Range Chicken


  • No Antibiotics
  • No Added Hormones
  • No Preservatives
  • GMO Free
  • 100% Vegetarian diet with no animal fats or by-products
  • Humanely raised in spacious housing with natural light and ventilation
  • Outdoor access in a stress-free environment
  • Audit trail for each flock
  • Locally raised, farm fresh