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Hello again from all of us at Long’s Meat Market!
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Summer Barbeque
Don’t miss our Rotisserie Wednesday chicken (4-6pm), or free wine tastings on Friday (4-6pm) or our Saturday Summer Parking Lot barbeque between 11am and 3pm through August. On Facebook ? Watch for our  4 lunches  giveaways on our Facebook page.  The grills are fired up this summer and we are selling the best meats in town at the best prices for barbeques, luaus (yes, the whole hog), ribs, steaks, and more.  Need a custom cut or order? Just call ahead.  Stop by any day except Sunday between 8am and 6pm. Just a reminder – we carry the highest quality grain-fed and grass-fed beef, and lamb is in season all year now thanks to our local vendor Anderson Ranch in Brownsville. Also, we are redesigning our web site @ www.LongsMeatMarket.com– coming soon !

Eugene Restaurants Like Us

We carry a variety of beef products for every discerning taste, including Prime Beef – 2% of cattle reach this grade – and supply Eugene’s top restaurants with fresh local meat. If you haven’t been in our market you probably have experienced a meal containing our products in your favorite eating establishment.

Pictured left: King Estate Winery’s special events chef Sean Winder slathering up the Texas Tri-Tip from Long’s Meat Market in preparation for the Tower Club BBQ that took place in July.

Featured Quote
“King Estate has been using Long’s Meat Market for several years and always been happy with their professionalism, quality of product and service.  They go out of their way to please their customers.Extensive collection of meats, cheeses, wines and gourmet products. It doesn’t get any more local than Long’s.” –Michael Landsberg, Executive Chef, King Estate Winery

A Day in the Life of a Butcher

“It’s not unusual to have a 10 hr day, with a trained team of employees who are briefed in daily morning educational meetings on product features, such as why we have chosen to present the quality meat products that we carry, customer service ideas, and our deli products. We have ongoing communications with our vendors – ranchers of sustainable free range and hormone-free animals.  We are into our fourth decade with some of these vendors – one of the reasons that sets us apart from other retail meat providers. Saturday is our busiest day and we have eight professional employees on the floor. Out motto is,”Long’s brings ranch and community to one meeting place’.“ – Mike Wooley, owner

Our Deli Offers Some Great Cheeses, Deli Meats, and Wine Values2 Copas

Have You Visited Our Deli Lately?
Everyone has preferences and favorites and also most enjoy discovering new tastes. In our deli we have three main categories of products that may tempt your palette – Wines, Cheeses, and Deli Meats. Our large selection of cheeses include both local and imported. Deli meats include gourmet selections and Boars Head, hams, beef jerky, and more. Our wines have been growing more popular as our customers see the selections that we have and the values, especially under $10.00 For example, consider this wine the next time that you stop in for your favorite meat or just to browse:

 2 Copas – 2010
The best wine in Eugene for $6.99 ? Your call. 2 copas is Spanish for two wine glasses which is all you need to enjoy this aromatic and friendly wine from Argentina. Made with hand-picked grapes from the foothills of the Andes mountains, 2 copas is an amazing value and probably one of the best tasting wines at this price level  locally.

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> RT from Carlton Farms:- Prepared in one pan, this yummy #pork supper comes together as fast as you can slice and dice! view recipe: Enjoy the summer weather, events, music and fun,
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