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Is summer over already?
Well, we had the last big cookout day of summer- Labor Day
Just in case you are still grilling…see the top 25 Labor Day recipes below.

It seemed like summer went by too fast although we have had two months to enjoy it while it lasted. We still have some 90+ temps in the forecast so the weather might hold up a bit longer. Here’s one of the favorite spots on the coast visited this summer on a clear day – Cape Perpetua – upper day camp….a stunning view ! Read on for our monthly news….
 What Happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas!
Mike Wooley Received Red Carpet Treatment at Fogo de Chao in Vegas
If you are planning a trip to Vegas, don’t miss this meat lovers restaurant!
One year ago Long’s Meat Market owner Mike Wooley was given red carpet service and a tour of the kitchen at one of the top steak restaurants in Las Vegas – Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse – the ideal restaurant for meat lovers. Servers stroll around the dining room with skewers of 16 various types of meat prepared by specially trained chefs to compliment an impressive salad bar. This is a traditional gaucho way of preparing meat in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

Visit The Website :
 Grass Fed or Bug Fed?
With the trends and research pointing to new ways to more economically feed our livestock to feed a growing world population, bugs are being considered as source food versus soy for some livestock. Here in the Willamette Valley, we love our grass fed meats.
 Butcher’s Blog Appears in Top 100 Blogs for Chefs
Culinary Programs has a list of the 100 top blogs for chefs to refer to. The Butcher’s Blog is on the list. How did we get there? We don’t know. They must have found us on a Google search.
From the web site : “The world of professional cooking gets more public attention now than ever before thanks to celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain revealing the cutthroat competition and high-stakes rivalries behind the scenes in the culinary world. This increased attention has led to a spike in interest in culinary programs and learning to be a professional chef, and as the media gets more and more obsessed with amazing cooking, it becomes more crucial for successful chefs to keep up-to-date on culinary trends and to put themselves and their work in the public eye. Listed here are 100 sites that aspiring chefs would do well to follow, since they’re at the top of the culinary heap or moving fast in that direction.”
Oh the pressure …Culinary Programs- Sites for Chefs
Welcome Crosby, Stills, and Nash Sept. 17th

“The last time CSN came through Eugene I saw them at the Cuthbert and I was amazed at how awesome their show was. Highly recommended if you have not seen them, as this group was a pioneer and trailblazer in socially conscious rock and roll. The talent is equally strong between David Crosby, Steven Sills and Graham Nash. I hope to go again this time, just hear their music live again and relive some fond memories of my younger days” – David B


Deli Remodeling Just in Time for Football Season

We are remodeling our deli in preparation for the football season. Go Ducks ! Whether you are planning a tailgate party indoors or at the stadium, we can provide sandwiches, beef jerky, whole cooked free range chickens, and growlers of craft beer or kombucha.  

Last Big Cookout Day of Summer? Top Labor Day Recipes Revealed … 

This list includes BBQ Beef ribs, Texas style smoked brisket, Memphis style rib sauce, Kansas City Ribs, and much more. 

Top Chef Hot Recipes
Anthony Bourdain Boeuf Bourguignon
Emeril – Curried Chicken Salad on Pumpernickel
Wolfgang Puck – Classic Chicken Pot Pie
Food Wishes 
featuring Chef John

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Wishing you all a nice September to remember,

from all of us at Long’s Meat Market